Sunday, November 28, 2010

6-2 French League, 1-1 EuroChallenge

Hey there! I am currently sitting in a hotel room waiting to go to Hungry tomorrow morning to play another game in the EuroChallenge. We play a Hungarian team (1-1) and it should be a good game. I know that I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog, I guess thats what happens when the family is in town for a week you tend to forget about updating the blog. So please bear with me throughout this update:

Nov. 20th- We played a French League game at home vs. Pau. We won 80-68, we had 3 guys in double figures. Bokolo had 21 points, Johnson had 18 points and I ended with 17 points (2-8 2FG, 1-5 3FG, 10-13 FT), and 11 assists. It was the first double double for me of the year and it was nice because that was the first game my family got to see. It was a good win for us and it brought our record to 5-2 overall in the French League.

Nov. 23rd- We played one of our EuroChallenge games at home. It was not a good game for us. This is the worst that we have been beaten since I have been a part of BCM. We got beat by a very good Russian team 58-98. It was a 40 point shellacking! We had a few guys that were injured and we were definitely out matched. One of there players scored 27 points inside in the first half. We didn't get any stops on defense and they really outplayed us from top to bottom. Enough about that game ha!

Nov. 27th- Last night we played an away game vs. Strasbourg. They are an excellent home team and it was a fight all the way to the finish. We came out on top 90-81. We had 4 guys scoring double figures. Cyril had 13 points, Issa had 14 points, Bokolo had 20 points. I had 21 points (5-9 2FG, 0-3 3FG, 11-13 FT) 4 assists, and 2 steals all coming in the 2nd half. I got called for 2 fouls (terrible calls) right away in the first half and I had to sit the entire half. I was quite frustrated at halftime and the fire was burning inside me. I keep my focus and decided to be even more aggressive in the 2nd half. It ended up being a good night for our team and a great win for us. Our record stands at 6-2 in the league and tied or first place. Hopefully we can keep things rolling next weekend when we play Asvel at home.

Like I said before we fly out to Hungry for a EuroChallenge game tomorrow morning. It will be a new adventure for me heading to a country that I have never been to before. I will let you know how the game goes in the next update. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving (we have plenty to be thankful for)! Shout out goes to my Mom and Dad, thanks for spending a week with AJ and I here in France. It was great to be with you guys and spend some time with you, we had a blast and are thankful you came over. Not to mention the Thanksgiving feast we had at the house was EXCELLENT!! God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tough L

Good afternoon! Its rainy and cloudy here in Gravelines for what seems to be the 20th day in a row. We haven't had the sun peek out in a long time. I better get used to it though because thats the way the winters are over here; cloudy and rainy.

On Friday we had a game down in Le Harve and came back with a 76-70 loss. The score doesn't show how bad we really played. We were down 22 at halftime. It seemed like every shot they took they were making, but thats because we let their offense get into a flow. We didn't pressure well enough and we flat out weren't playing aggressive on defense and thats how you get down 22 points by halftime. We came out in the 2nd half fighting our way back. We ended up being down 4 points with a minute to go but they made a couple more fast break points and we ended up losing the game by six. Yannick had 16 points, Jeff Greer had 11, I had 14 points (1-6 2FG, 2-7 3FG, 6-6 FT), 4 assists in 24 minutes of play. It was a tough loss for us and our record stands at 4-2 overall. We are tied for 2nd with four other teams. Hopefully we can bounce back next weekend when we play Pau.

We are heading out to Russia tomorrow morning for a EuroChallenge game. We start the EuroChallenge games this week and we play every Tuesday. So our playing schedule is every Tuesday and Saturday until Christmas. Tuesday being the EuroChallenge games and Saturday being our French League games. I am looking forward to playing twice a week. My family is coming across the pond to visit next weekend so AJ and I will enjoy their company. My shout out goes to Michael Tveidt today for getting the Bison Mens BBall team their first win of the season and going over the 1,000 point mark, so congrats to Tveidt thats a great accomplishment. Thats all for now, gotta head to practice and get better today. God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food Poisoning and a Win (4-1)

Good afternoon! We had a little schedule change this past weekend and instead of playing last Saturday we had a game last night at home vs Poitiers. Before I get to the game I wanted to tell you what has been happening over here in France leading up to the game on Tuesday. On Sunday night all of a sudden I notice that my stomach doesn't feel so good and figure I just have a normal stomach ache. I should just drink some water and head to bed. Little did I know what was about to happen the rest of the night. I was up the whole night with food poisoning! I vomited from 12am-9am all of Sunday night and into Monday morning. My body finally decided to keep things down around 10am, so the rest of Monday I laid around all day nibbling on 2 pieces of toast and drinking sips of water. Not knowing how I was going to feel on Tuesday for the game and my body was so fatigued that I feel asleep at 9pm Monday night and woke up Tuesday morning at 9am for shoot around still feeling very groggy. Tuesday afternoon comes around and I haven't really eaten anything the past 24 hours and I really don't feel like eating anything. So I basically went to the game Tuesday night on an empty stomach. When I was sitting in the locker room waiting before the game I had no energy and I was wondering how I was going to make it through this game. So I decided to say some prayers to the Lord because I always know I can go to Him.

We came away with a 94-60 win! We played well on defensive throughout most of the game except in the 2nd quarter. They made a little run in the 2nd however we stepped up our defense and came away with a great win. We are sitting at 4-1 in league right now. We had 5 guys in double figures. Cyril had 16 points, Yannick had 10 points, Jeff Greer had 14 points, Juby Johnson had 12 points. I ended the game with 28 points (9-14 TFG, 5-7 3FG, 5-7FT), and 9 assists, so back to asking the Lord for some strength, I all of a sudden felt great during the game and I felt like I could have played for days, I wonder where that strength came from, I'll let you decide that one ;)! All in all it was a great win for our team, we play again on Friday at Le Harve. I am feeling a lot better today and I am finally eating food and it tastes delicious!! Gotta jet to practice, God Bless (Joshua 1:9)