Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tough L

Good afternoon! Its rainy and cloudy here in Gravelines for what seems to be the 20th day in a row. We haven't had the sun peek out in a long time. I better get used to it though because thats the way the winters are over here; cloudy and rainy.

On Friday we had a game down in Le Harve and came back with a 76-70 loss. The score doesn't show how bad we really played. We were down 22 at halftime. It seemed like every shot they took they were making, but thats because we let their offense get into a flow. We didn't pressure well enough and we flat out weren't playing aggressive on defense and thats how you get down 22 points by halftime. We came out in the 2nd half fighting our way back. We ended up being down 4 points with a minute to go but they made a couple more fast break points and we ended up losing the game by six. Yannick had 16 points, Jeff Greer had 11, I had 14 points (1-6 2FG, 2-7 3FG, 6-6 FT), 4 assists in 24 minutes of play. It was a tough loss for us and our record stands at 4-2 overall. We are tied for 2nd with four other teams. Hopefully we can bounce back next weekend when we play Pau.

We are heading out to Russia tomorrow morning for a EuroChallenge game. We start the EuroChallenge games this week and we play every Tuesday. So our playing schedule is every Tuesday and Saturday until Christmas. Tuesday being the EuroChallenge games and Saturday being our French League games. I am looking forward to playing twice a week. My family is coming across the pond to visit next weekend so AJ and I will enjoy their company. My shout out goes to Michael Tveidt today for getting the Bison Mens BBall team their first win of the season and going over the 1,000 point mark, so congrats to Tveidt thats a great accomplishment. Thats all for now, gotta head to practice and get better today. God Bless (Joshua 1:9)


  1. hello ben
    how are you ?
    I am a fan and I go every match at the bcm and I listen at the radio to look at sport +
    I happy that your atoxication alimentary is good
    injury for the match against the havre you have very good play and your equip as the last time you win
    good luck for the eurochalenge and at sathurday
    bye steph

  2. hello ben
    I go to cone in the clinic and I learn your victory for the match in Russie. Felicitaions at the equip your are a champion. I admire your coolness . Good luck for the match against Pau and to benefic your family
    good bye , see you again soon
    sorry for the spelling mistake but I don't speak very well sorry

  3. Good afertoon Ben
    you do be happy, the sun is at and it is good for the moral.
    I am very very happy that you win last evening, I has been fear for you thus far half the time when I saw the difference of points and this I pray for you done the courage et the force because you have been tired after your match in the Russie and yes !!! you have win with twelve points it 's beautiful you the merite .
    I hope that you go to read my commentary because that is the thirst and I hope that you me answer
    all the best ben

  4. hello Ben
    How are you, what the time have you at Strasbourg ? here is very cold. I hast to look at sport + this evening and I hope that you win.
    I has been disappoint for the match of tuesday but the Spartak is very goog play and injury that Cyril is blessed, you hasn't been luck and the players not you release, but courage .Guard your blood cold and good luck
    bye steph