Friday, March 18, 2011

Long time, No Post

Well, well, well it has been quite a long time since I have posted on the blog. We have had quite a few games since I last posted so I am going to give you a summary of what's been going on. We are currently 14-7 in French League play with a loss last Saturday down in Pau. We are tied for 4th place with Roanne and we have a game tomorrow vs Strasburg at home. Hopefully we can play some good basketball and come away with a win. Last Tuesday we played in a French Cup game at home vs. Asvel which we ended up also losing the game 74-70 (so we have no more French Cup games, lose and your done). We are on a 2 game losing skid right now but hopefully that will change on Saturday. We are still playing in the EuroChallenge and we have a game next Tuesday at home. We are in the final 8 right now and we play a very good Russian team. The winner in a best of 3 series advances to the final 4. We have 9 regular season French League games remaining in our schedule. Time is sure flying by over here. Not much else is going on in the basketball world, playing a couple times a week (which I haven't been updating about, my apologies).

Other than that things have been pretty nice over here in France. Weather is nice, a couple days ago it got up to 61 degrees. Spring is right around the corner. Shout out to Lynn Jordheim for getting on my a** about updating the blog, thanks I definitely needed it I have been slacking lately on the updates haha! I will try to do a better job updating, but how can you blame me when I have such a wonderful fiance keeping me company this year. Last year I would always update because it was keeping me sane haha!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful MARCH MADNESS!! How the brackets looking? Take Care and God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

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