Monday, October 15, 2012


Good evening from Turkey!  I am sorry that I have been a bit late in updating my blog recently.  We have had a busy week.  We are all moved into our new apt!  We are extremely happy and excited with our new spot.  Thanks again to the coaches, staff, and management for allowing us to get into the new apt.  We have been living here for 5 days now and we just received internet today.  Hence, why I have been absent from blogging.  I will be posting pictures of our new place on here soon.

Shot clock running down
We had our first Turkish league game on Saturday here in Ankara.  It was a great game and I am thankful and blessed that we came away with a victory.  I was extremely excited to get the season underway and it feels good to start the season off with a W.  We played a good Tofas team and ended up winning 81-72.  It was a wonderful team effort on our part.  We had four guys in double figures.  Kirk Penney had 15 points (4-6 2fg, 1-5 3fg, 4-5 ft) 5 rebounds, 4 assists.  Jovo (our 5 man) and Nedim (one of our 4 men) both had 14 points.  (4-11 2fg, 6-7 ft), 6 assists, 3 rebounds for Jovo.  (6-9 2fg, 2-4 ft), 11 rebounds for Nedim.  I had 12 points (2-4 2fg, 2-4 3fg, 2-4 ft), 5 assists, 5 rebounds.  I apologize for boggling your mind with some many numbers ha, but I told you I would be more specific when the regular season starts :).  We had a number of other guys make key plays down the stretch of the game as well.  As I said before it was a great team effort and win.  Our next opponent is Fenerbahce Ulker who is widely considered the favorite in the league.  They are a very deep and talented team.  We play them on  Oct. 22nd at their place.  As I mentioned in a previous post, this year I will only be playing one game per week.  It is a bit of an adjustment for me because previous seasons I have played multiple times per week.  With that being said we are 1-0 heading into our second league game next week.

Transition drive (gotta love the same facial feature
I have had since I started playing haha)
I want to mention that my wife has her own website that she created and I highly suggest you check it out.  It is an amazing and creative website.  Let me tell you it is much more interesting and entertaining then this blog LOL!  The website is  That is all the exciting news here in Ankara.  Have a happy and blessed Monday.  Try to make a positive impact on someone's life today.  You will be surprised how great YOU feel afterwards!  God Bless... Philippians 4:13

PS-  If you did indeed donate to my friend Rich on his missionary (check early postings if you don't know what I am talking about) I am grateful and extremely thankful that you helped him out!  Thanks again!

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