Saturday, June 5, 2010

Season Finished

Hey everyone.. As you can see in my title, my first season as a professional basketball player in France is finished. Last night we played the number #1 team in our league Cholet, and lost 84-71 in the last game of our 3 game series. It definitely hurts losing this series since we took game 1 at their place, but we ended up losing 2 games in a row to them. It was a wonderful year over here in France and I had a great experience. I am going to continue using my blog throughout the summer since I have a lot going with NBA summer league and many decisions to be made in terms of my career. I want to thank you all for following me through my blog this year, I have had 30,000+ views from all of you and I really appreciate it. It means a lot to me knowing that people still want to follow my career. I encourage you to continue to follow me and I will let you know what the future holds for me this summer. I am not sure exactly when I am heading back to the "land of the free" but it should be sometime next week. Take Care and as always God Bless you today :) (Joshua 1:9)


  1. Mister Woodside. Thank you very very much !
    I am eager to know what your future holds and I wish you a great career. You're on the right road! Bravo for this season and thank you again, you're a great player !

    ps: If you stay at Gravelines, I'll need you to find a jersey of NDSU! Haha ! I haven't found on the university website;)

  2. Tanks for your blog Ben. It has been a great time reading your posts every time.
    Good luck for your career at Gravelines (I hope so) or somewhere else.

  3. At first, I want to thank you as a player, for your first year in France you gave a lot of pleasure to fans. The team has realised a great season and you were a great playmaker.
    Remember Bercy, despite the defeat it was amazing
    Secondly I want to thank you as a man, for your sympathy with people, for giving fans the possibilty to more about you through this blog.

    Now basket ball is business, I hope you'll stay here in Gravelines but you deserve something else too.

    Be sure I'll keep my eye on you !!
    Keep going, take care
    Thanks again

  4. Thanks, for your blog and for this year in france.

    I've really appreciate your player quality, and your blogger talent.

    Sorry that my team, PB86 Poitiers, end'up your gorgeous 11 success series in the first part of the season.

    good luck for the rest of your career.

    Jules Aimé

  5. ben thanks for providing albert lea with a reason to think outside the box; have loved watching highlights of you playing in europe; will definitely keep an eye on ya online while you're in the states; good luck and just keep bein yer bad self!

  6. for what it's worth ben, my blog url: (alternative news and parody; sorry i overlooked you; i did blog on ya a year ago but i'm glad andrew d. reminded me your back in the u.s. today at the albert lea tribne)


  8. Thank you for you season in France and specially in Gravelines, I Hope so you stay in BCM and lead the team to the title, you're a great player !!!