Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer League

Good afternoon! I am currently sitting down in Las Vegas waiting to start up summer league tomorrow. I am going to be playing with the Golden State Warriors. I will be playing 5 games while I am down here. We first start out with 2 days of 2-a-days and then we have 3 straight games followed by practice, game, practice, game. It will be a great 13 days down here and I am really looking forward to getting out on the court tomorrow morning. I am thankful that the Warriors gave me the opportunity to play with them this summer. I thought I would give you a quick update on what I am currently doing right now. I hope that you are having a wonderful summer. Hope its not as hot as it is down here in Vegas! Take care and I will keep you updated on what I am doing. God Bless! (Joshua 1:9)


  1. Hi Ben! Jason is going to be in Vegas July 17-21, any chance you could let us know your game schedule. He would love to see you play. Our email is jebakke@hotmail.com. Thanks Ben!

  2. Congratulations! Just saw the boxscores last night and saw B. Woodside. I was in total shock and like 'What, NO WAY! Can't be the same guy.'

    Good luck on your summer league from Minot, ND. Hopefully the trade for David Lee opened up some roster spots for someone like you.

  3. Great game last night Ben-

    Take what the defense gives you especially when there is an open lane to penetrate into if the defender is on you really tight overplaying you-you have to make that guy pay and get him off you so you can take advantage of those times when you can get the opportunity to get into the lane-coaches love nothing more than dribble penetration into the lane when available-you have to take it in to make the defense play you honest the next time you have the ball, but way to hit your outside jumper last night!!. Look to put more pressure on the guy guarding you by attacking him with the dribble if your jumper isn't available My family has been watching you back in Eden Prairie, take it easy on John Wall tomorrow night..........we don't want you to show up the leagues #1 draft pick.

    David J and family

  4. Good luck tonight Ben-

    I know OJ presented Matt Addington on your behalf your induction into the AL Sports Hall of Fame this weekend as you know-Cogratulations!!!. Keep up the good work as we watch you again tonight from Eden Prairie on NBA-TV.

    David and Kids

  5. Warriors fan here... ur doing a lot of good things at the 1. Would like to see you take the midrange jump shot more and push the ball (even on makes). That's basically what CJ Watson did...plus look for morrow in the corner. I could see u fitting on this team. Gotta take more than 4 shots a game...during the season W's lead in shots taken per game and hardly ever run set plays...so in other words push the ball get open and shoot. Good luck with the rest of summer league...hoping u get an invite to W's training camp or another team picks u up. Got a lot of scorers on the dubs just need a backup 1 esp. if CJ doesn't sign that can hit the open jump shot and push the ball...come to think of it, CJ took about a year to figure this out...first year out of UT in the summer league and reg season he played similar to how ur playing now...his game has changed a lot since being on the Ws...look for ur shot...curry was actually the same way first 1/2 of the season but figured it out by the second half...

  6. I hope you will have a good deal with a Nba team or Sp... team (hi!hi!). Let Jesus bring you where he wants to bring you.
    Take care Ben, say hello to AJ.