Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid-Week Update

Mid-Week update letting people know how things are coming along over here in France and if anything else new or interesting has happened over here. Things are going pretty well over here in France. I am continuing to stay busy everyday with practice and treatment. I typically try to get hot and cold treatment a couple times a week and get my legs stretched out after every practice. That tends to help me recover a lot faster and I feel a little more refreshed if I continue to make those two treatments a habit. If you were wondering what a hot and cold treatment is, it is when I would start sitting in the hot tub for a couple minutes and then I would jump into an ice bath for a minute or so. I would do it back and forth 3 times. That treatment helps flush your legs out and helps them recover faster. So between practicing, getting extra shots up at the end of practice, and recover treatments I am spending a lot of time at the gym. Give you a little heads up about this weekend. We play Rouen, Saturday at 8pm. They are 0-3 however they have been losing some close games so it should be a good game. We are 1-2 and definitely looking forward to trying to get another win under our belt. Should be an interesting game that I am looking forward to. I will update you on how the game goes on Sunday.

Outside of basketball I spend time watching the TV series LOST online (kind of addicting). I also read the Bible and some books that I brought with me from back home, and sometimes I watch ESPNAmerica. Its like ESPN back home however I don't get sportscenter, and a lot of time the games that come on don't come on over here till 3 or 4 in the morning. But at least I can watch something that I am familiar with. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and dropped 130 euros which is around $192 USD. That sounds outrages doesn't it, but what I have noticed is that groceries are very very expensive over here. So that is were a lot of my purchases go too. But since it is just me over here my groceries tend to last me a week and a half to two weeks.

The one bad thing that is tough to deal with is only playing 1 game a week. That is when things can get monotonous throughout the week. However, we start up the EuroChallenge in November so we will be playing Tuesdays and Saturdays, something I am looking forward to. Thats it for now I will let you know how the game goes on Sunday. Oh yeah and one more thing....I have time on my hands some days so don't be afraid to hit me up on my blog, twitter, or facebook. I always enjoy a message from people since I'm all by myself over here, makes me feel connected still hahahaha. Take care and God Bless (Joshua 1:9)


  1. It will get better Ben. As well you know it takes time for everyone to gel together and you will. Remember, you came from a great team and team-mates. It took time there for you to play together and become what you guys accomplished last year. You will get there. It is wonderful to have these blogs that you and Brett can keep us updated on how and what you are doing. I am sure it gets a little lonely over there, but that will get better also. Sounds like your Mom is coming over and that will be great for you. Take care and enjoy.