Monday, January 10, 2011

Loss to Le Mans

Good evening! We had a French League home game on Saturday and suffered a defeat by Le Mans 86-91. It was a rough game for us defensively. We found ourselves making rotation errors and giving the other team some open shots which they made us pay. The entire game it was back and forth with neither team extending the lead by more than double digits. We had 3 guys scoring in double figures. Yannick Bokolo had 17 points and Ruby Jomby had 10 points. I had a double double with 26 points (5-8 2FG, 4-5 3FG, 4-5 FT), 11 assists, and 2 rebounds. It was a frustrating game defensively letting Le Mans score 91 points after last weekends performance by us when we held Paris to just 55 points. We have to get back on the defensive track and play well because on Friday we play a high powered offensive team in Hyeres-Toulon. I will keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

Congrats to the Bison Mens Bball team in getting 2 big conference wins at home this past weekend. I ask that you say some prayers for the victims families down in the Arizona shootings. What a horrible event that took place and there are people that definitely need your prayers. Well, I hear my name being called from the kitchen so it must be time to eat a wonderfully cooked meal by my fiance :):)!! I hope you all have a splendid day! God Bless (Joshua 1:9)


  1. Good evening Ben,
    I read your message, about the match of the Mans, I got angry with the arbitators ans I insulted of cheat, sell, manure and dirt same you , you have been furious because he not see the lacks on your favour .
    How is your foot, it's seem I have see that you have a bandaging at the peg right ,if it's true, take care of you.
    Count that me, I pray for the victims families down in the Arizona shootings.
    I hope that you will have this message because yesterday this not fonction.
    Sorry for the lack of synthax
    Good evening and God Bless (Ooshua 1:9)
    I see you again soon

  2. Good morning, Ben ,
    I hope that you are fine.
    I will ask that it join at me for pray for the victims families down Niger kidnapping and olso for Small Felicien that he was disappear at Gravelines in order to find safe and sound.
    Thank you very much.
    bye and God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

  3. Hello Ben ,
    good luck for Hyres Toulon tomorrow evening
    I pray for you win
    take your coldness
    kiss and God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

  4. Good morning Ben,
    How are you and how is your knee ? I was very frightened for you, it was big relief to see continued of play.
    you have a very champion I saw the match at sport + and I came thursday for encouraged
    Good weekend and loof after you
    God Bless (Joshua 1:9)
    I see you again soon