Monday, January 11, 2010

2 game losing streak

Good afternoon! I really really really don't like losing so you can imagine how the last couple games have gone. We are on a 2 game losing streak right now. We lost to a team out of Germany last Tuesday and we lost to Poitiers on Saturday (French League game). The French game really hurt us when we walked off the court with a lose. We have a couple guys with injuries/sickness so that doesn't help. Rob Lewin, one of our big men is still out with a groin injury and Yannick Bokolo (our combo guard) didn't play in the game on Saturday in Poitiers. We could have definitely used both of those guys. I came down with a sickness before the trip with a 101+ temp, having the fever and getting hot and cold chills (so much for that flu shot working huh??). I still played the game since we were short on players the way it was. Let me just quickly tell you how I was feeling. The entire game I was extremely weak, but that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was my head felt like it was in a box!! I was so congested it was hard for me to hear what was being said in the huddles haha. Thought I would just throw that in there and let you know how my body was feeling. I feel a lot better now and I am glad because we have another EuroChallenge game tomorrow at home. The game vs Poitiers we didn't play well at all. We didn't move the ball well as a team, played no defense, and we didn't shoot the ball that well. Trey Johnsen lead the team with 21 points, he was knocking down his shots and creating for others. I had 13 points (0-6 3 Fg), 8 assists, 3 rebounds, 5 TO :(! Hopefully we can get back on the winning streak that we were on. We are currently 10-3 and in 3rd place in our French League. I hope you are all having a wonderful day and if you ever want to chat or have specific questions for me don't be afraid to ask me. I am back to just myself over here in France so I will have plenty of time to respond. Take care and God Bless (Joshua 1:9)


  1. Hi Ben.
    I am very sad to know that you loose you 2 last game. But I think that the team lead by you could do more and we will see it tomorow, saturday... and during the others game.
    I've a question to you. I'm a first year student in languages and business at College of Dunkerque and it will be great to talk with you (after the game, by mail, facebook ...). You could help me to improve my poor english. I need it.
    I wish you a nice night. See you tomorow at Sportica.
    Take care and be blessed !

  2. Ben, I hope you feel much better by now! How did the EuroChallenge game at home go today? Time to end the streak and start a NEW and GOOD streak ;) Best of luck!

  3. Hey Ben,

    My name is Derek Lavalier. You probably don't remember me much at all, but I just wanted to say thank you for blogging. Thanks to you and the rest of the 03-04 Varsity team at Albert Lea, I had a great freshman year. I got to watch you guys every game, and it was a blessing. With basketball being so much of a blessing in my life, I owe it to you to say "thanks" because you definitely made it fun to love.
    Now with this blog, I get to read about how you're doing over there, and that's pretty cool. I hope that all goes well for you over there. God's blessings have already been set upon you, and so I hope that guides you in your life.
    God bless you, man.