Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tough Loss in Lyon

Good Morning everyone!! I got back this morning around 8:30am from our away game in Lyon, took a little nap and now I am just relaxing thinking about all you back home. We had a tough loss last night vs Asvel. We played this team last week in the first round of the Week of Aces and lost. It was a very frustrating game for us. The game was back in forth for the first half, and we were up by 2 points going into half. The third quarter was a different story. I couldn't tell you how many points they got from the free throw line in this quarter. I know for a fact they were in the bonus with over 6 min to go in the quarter. It was a very one sided second half thats for sure. We couldn't get a call from the ref's and it seemed like they were always at the free throw line. You gotta give credit to Asvel they did hit some tough shots in the 2nd half and we didn't necessarily make all our shots, but we couldn't buy a call from the ref's. I really don't like talking about a game and complaining about the ref's, because the game of basketball shouldn't be about the ref's but WOW was it a frustrating game in those terms. Enough about them though, we had 3 guys in double figures last night. I had 16 points, Yannick had 15 points, and JK had 12 points. Our record stands at 13-7 tied with 2 other teams in the league. This last half of the season should be interesting to see how things play out. We gotta go back to practice and improve on our mistakes from our last game and correct them so we can play better coming up on Saturday.

Our next game is at home on Saturday vs Hyeres-Toulon. They have the leading scoring in the league and their record is 10-10. It will be a tough game for us and it should be a great game. I encourage all our fans to come out and support us. Lets pack the Sportica and get the place rockin!!

Not much else going on here in France. Today it is super windy and raining constantly. I am going to watch a few movies this afternoon and relax. Get ready for another week of training and playing the game I love. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and check back in to the blog in a few days I will give you another update on how things are going. God Bless you all!! (Joshua 1:9)


  1. Hi Ben,
    As you I was yesterday evening very frustrating. After 15 years I hoped that finally the BCM shall win at ASVEL. There was a place in this match to win.
    It will be for next time !
    You will find our picture on

  2. Ben, it sounnds like the refs are no different over there than they are here. The guys really had some bad ones last Thurs night. Ugh! Sure hope it doesn't happen to them in Sioux Falls this next week. Good luck with your future games, have fun and enjoy the great experience.