Monday, February 1, 2010

Tough Loss

Good Afternoon!! I hope it is as nice back home as it is here now (kidding kidding), it is sunny and 55 degree's right now haha. I talked with my old high school coach Matt Addington today and I heard how cold the weather still is back home (BURRRRR)!! Congrats to Coach Addington as well, his team is tied for 1st place in their league (2 years ago that team was at the bottom their league). That guy can straight up coach, any college's looking for a new staff member, I suggest you look his way!!!! Not much else going on over here in France. Since it is so nice out teammate JK Edwards is grilling and I am about to head over there and be out in the sun and eat a nice grilled meal. Thanks again JK!!

We had a rough loss on Saturday. We played the number one team in our league and lost 87-71. We were down the whole game, but we ended up coming back in the 3rd quarter and found ourselves only down a couple points. However in the 4th quarter we had a number of turnovers that cost us and eventually lead to us losing. We are currently 11-6 right now and tied for 3rd place in the league. JK Edwards lead that way with 20 points (9-20 FG, 12 rebounds). I had 5 points (2-7 FG, 6 assists). We only had 12 assists as a team. We definitely didn't move the ball well at all. Our next game is tomorrow we play in the French Cup vs. Paris. The French Cup is a big tournament that includes all of the teams in France. If you lose at any time then you are out of the tournament. We also play on Saturday for our league game against Rouen. We played them once already this year and we got a win, however they have a completely different team right now and they have won 4 out of their last 5 games. It will be a tough game for sure.

Its about that time for me to head over and get some food at the Edwards residence. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day. Take Care and as always God Bless (Joshua 1:9)- gotta love the man UP ABOVE!

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  1. Hi Ben ! Have a nice French Cup game in Paris.
    I will come in Rouen for the game ! It will be very amazing !
    Take care and God bless !