Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ankara Tournament, Movies, & Shout out

Warm up
 Happy Sunday everyone!  Last night we just finished up our 3 day pre-season tournament here in Ankara.  We went 1-2 in those 3 games.  First game we lost by 20 to a good Montenegro team.  Second game we ended up winning a thriller vs Karsiyaka (another Turkish team in our league).  We ended up winning this game on an offensive rebound and put back by our 2 guard with 7 seconds to go.  They had one last shot but we played great defense and came away with a win.  Our third game we lost by 15 to Fenerbahce.  They are an extremely talented team with one of the highest budgets in Turkey.  It was great to see where we stacked up against some of the other teams in Turkey.  There were some improvements that we made as a team compared to our last tournament.  At the same time there is still plenty of things we can improve on and get better at.  When you bring in 12 new players that have never played together you need some time to get used to playing together and to get accustom to how each player plays.  We are definitely coming together and I am excited to get the season under way.  Next week we are in another tournament here in Ankara.  We will be playing 2 games, on Tuesday and Thursday.  Both teams that we will be playing are from Ankara as well.  There are three teams here in this city that will be playing in the first division this year.
Warm up #2
(Not sure what coach is thinking ha)

Tip off 
Outside of bball we are really enjoying our time here in Anakara.  Last night after our game we went and ate a delicious sushi restaurant with Kirk Penney.  The sushi restaurant is located right by our new apartment that we are moving into.  It also has quite a few other restaurants that look extremely appetizing and an amazing mall with a great cinema attached to it.  Tonight we have another great date night with Kirk Penney and we are heading to a movie haha.  What is nice about the movie theaters here, is almost all the movies are in English and they are subtitled in Turkish.  It is very beneficial for us and it makes attending to and figuring out what movie we want to go to a lot easier.  So I gotta give props to the cinemas here in Turkey!

My sister #9 setting in recent match!
Photo taken by Eric Johnson AL Tribune.  
Time to get our day moving here in Ankara.  Again sorry I do not have stats for these pre-season tournaments.  During the season I will be giving you much more detailed information about our games and my teammates as well.  I want to give a shout out to my sister Bryn Woodside and here volleyball team for a come from behind victory the other night.  They were down 0-2 in sets and came back winning 3-2.  It was quite the performance for the #9 setter of AL!  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.  Let me guess.....NFL football? Or maybe PGA Tour Championship?  I will be in tune to both this evening after the movie.  Have a great day!  God Bless.. Matthew 25:14-30
Timeout during a game.

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