Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pre season games & Off Day

Hey everyone!  I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday afternoon.  I am guessing most of you will be watching some college football today.  I will be checking a few games out and watching some golf via slingbox tonight.

Since I last blogged we have had 3 pre season games here in Ankara.  We went 2-1 in those three games.  I apologize I do not have any team or individual statistical information.  However, it was great getting out there and actually playing against some body else for a change.  During those 3 games we had some positive aspects but also some details that we can improve on.  We are a brand new team and it takes time to get that chemistry on the floor.  Getting used to playing together and working hard everyday is a key in becoming a good team, and I think our team is capable of doing that.  We have great individual talent now we need to put it all together on the floor.  It will all work itself out over the next month of pre season.  I am definitely looking forward to playing with the teammates that I have this year.  We are flying to a pre-season tournament on Monday and will be gone for 5 days.  We have around 12 pre season games this year before our first regular season game.  Thats about all the bball info I have for you right now.

Aj in front Anitkabir
Today we had a day off so my lovely wife and I decided to head to Anitkabir Museum this afternoon.  It was an amazing and huge museum.  If you wanted to you could literally spend all afternoon reading information on Turkey history.  This museum was basically a tribute from the war in which Turkey got its independence.  Images throughout this post are from our museum adventure today.

Water w/ pump
The water picture to the left is the water that we drink here.  The neat thing about it is all we need to do is dial a phone number, say the word "one" and someone will bring you one 5 gallon jug of water for 7 lira (roughly $4 USD).  It only takes them approximately 10 minutes to bring you the water from the time you called.  Notice the pump that we have on the top to pump the water out (very handy).  I think it is a great idea, that way we never have to pick up water and bring it home from the store.
Guard at Museum
Also, we got an automatic car yesterday.  It feels great not having to depend on a taxi every where you go.  The driving over here is extremely different than back home.  Its basically a "free-for-all" here so you have to be cautious and careful at all times when you are driving.  I do not have a picture of the car yet but I will post one eventually.  Thats all the new information I have from Ankara, Turkey.  Have a blessed Saturday afternoon.  Keep you posted on the up coming games. God Bless!  Matthew 11:22-23
Soldiers at Museum
Anitkabir from a distance 

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