Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Big Win

Calling a play
Good evening!!  I am going to jump right into things for you.  We won a huge game last night 86-85 vs Efes.  It was a great win for our club.  If we were to lose that game we would have dropped to 13th place in the league.  Instead, we are tied for 7th with 3 other teams.  Remember the top 8 teams at the end of the year go to the playoffs.

We started out extremely slow in the 1st quarter and found ourselves down by 18 points.  We gradually fought our way back and were down only 7 points at half.  In the 2nd half we buckled down on defense and had some wonderful offensive positions.  We found ourselves up 4 points with a minute to play.  Then, Efes stopped us on our next offensive possession.  They had the ball with 30 some secs to go and down 2 points.  They missed a shot, but got an offensive rebound.  With 10 seconds remaining it was Jordan Farmar and myself one on one at the top.  He made a strong right handed drive,  I was riding his hip when one of our big men stepped up and committed a blocking foul with .9 secs left.  He made the first shot, Efes down 1.  He missed the 2nd free throw and that is the ball game folks.  It was a great comeback win for us.  I ended the game with 4 points (1-3 2fg, 0-2 3fg, 2-4 ft), 8 assists, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal.  It puts us at 4-5 in the league.  Our next game is on the road vs. Olin Edrine.  They have a record of 3-6.  It will be a tough match for us on the road.  We play again Saturday.
One on one vs Farmar
One on one vs Farmar

Other than that not much else going on here.  Congrats to the NDSU football team for winning their quarterfinal game and good luck in the semis.  Also,  NDSU mens hoops team is playing the gophers tonight.  Upset?  I hope everyone is bundling up back home.  I hear that the weather is crazy right now.  Have a wonderful Tuesday night!  God Bless...
Isaiah 40:8

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  1. Congrats ! Big win.. TBL is much better league with your team