Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving, Games, Family

Hey everyone!! Sorry I haven't written a blog in awhile but I was with my family all week enjoying their company. My family got in last Saturday and they just left today for Paris. They had a chance to catch two of my games and we also had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving together. When my family got in on Saturday we had a game vs Cholet who was at the time in first place in our league. We ended up winning the game 79-75 in a battle. It was a very intense and physical game but we manage to hold off in the end and got ourselves a big win. We started the EuroChallenge this week and we had another game on Tuesday vs Budconust (I believe they were from Montenegro). Again it was a physical game but we came out with another win beating Budcnoust 70-59. So, our French ProA record stands at 6-2 and our EuroChallenge records is 1-0. I am really enjoying playing twice a week. The more games the better. A little FYI, our game tomorrow has been cancelled because some of the other players from Vichy (team we were going to play) have the H1N1 virus. We wont have another game until next Tuesday Dec. 1st.

As I stated before my family came to visit me over the week of Thanksgiving. It was wonderful being able to see them and having them at the games this past week. I ended up taking them to Brugge, Belgium to show them around a little bit and explore Europe a bit. We didn't have too much time to be able to do much because of the two games that we had and also because of our practices that we had. We manage to be able to get out on Monday and head to Brugge. It was a great place to sightsee and check out. I had never been there before and I thought it was a great place and a place that people should check out if they get the chance to. It is called the city of lights and the whole city center is lit up by lights. It looks really neat at night. My family and I thought that it was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. For Thanksgiving we cooked (meaning my Mom) our own little feast and it was spectacular. Mom cooked some turkey, corn, and potato's. It was amazing being able to sit down at the table with my family and have a nice enjoyable supper together! I was really happy that my family got to experience the lifestyle over here in France. It was funny seeing them try to interact with people over here. I really got a laugh when we went to the grocery store and they were trying to figure out what type of food is what. It was a wonderful week with my family, Thanksgiving, and a couple basketball games. I will be praying they have a great time in Paris and safe travels home.

Again sorry I havent written a blog in awhile but now that I am back to myself at my place and some time on my hands I will be written them more frequently haha. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, there is plenty that we can be Thankful for. I will write again soon. God Bless (Joshua 1:9)!

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  1. you made a good match against cholet and budconust, thanks for the good moments that you give me, i wish see the match against vichy at TV but it cancelled, i am sad
    i let you my mail:
    answer me ben