Sunday, November 8, 2009

Victory for BCM

Good Afternoon everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed Sunday. I have had quite a busy day today. I made myself some french toast, eggs, and some hash-browns for breakfast this morning. I swept my entire lower level, did the dishes, and on my second load of laundry. I am getting a lot of things done around the place today. Right now however I am putting my feet up and relaxing for a little bit. My body definitely needs a little rest right now after the physical game that we had last night.

Well, our team won again at home this weekend. We played the defending champs from last year and came out on top with a 70-64 victory. We were up pretty much the whole game and we extended the lead in the 4th quarter to 12 points with 6 minutes to go. However, Asvel had a lot of fight in them and they cut the lead to 3 points with a minute to go. They ended up fouling us on the next possession and I made both free throws to put us up by 5 again. They came back down the court and scored again with 30 seconds to go to reduce the lead to 3 points. Asvel fouled us again so they could stop the clock. I went to the free throw line and made both free throws to put us up by 5 points again and sealing the game. We ended up winning by 6 points after they fouled us again with 4 seconds to go in the game. It was an incredibly intense game from both teams. Our fans were unbelievable last night. I believe it was close to a sell out crowd and not to mention our game was televised throughout France last night. It was an awesome feeling playing in front of our fans last night. They really do support us well so I want to say thank you to the fans for showing your support. It was another great team win for us with 3 guys scoring in double figures along with a few guys right below the double digit mark. Its always enjoyable playing for a team that has balanced scoring. Our record stands at 4-2 right now and in 3rd place in our league. Last night I suffered a deep thigh contusion to my left leg with about three minutes to go in the game. The adrenaline was pumping so I finished out the game but this morning my leg feels like someone hit my thigh about 10 times with a baseball bat, basically its REALLY SORE! I am going to stretch it out and ice it today and hopefully it will start to feel better. Other than that I am feeling great and I believe the rest of the team feels great about getting a win last night. I will post some pictures and video clips from the game in a couple days so you can check them out. Also if you have any questions for me about basketball, France, my life style, anything at all don't be afraid to ask in the comment box or hit me up via email, facebook, twitter. I hope you all have a safe and wonderful day. God Bless (Joshua 1:9)

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